Drew hates my ducks

I got these two little wooden ducks years back that have made their way into almost every room of our house. Clearly, these gypsy ducks were never the right fit anywhere. Initially, I got them for our kitchen and they were a gnarly green color I thought I'd base the whole kitchen around. Turns out, the green was gross. So, we decided on an entire new color scheme for the kitchen, and ducks were out. A few rooms later, I repainted them white and added a little fancy flair to our bathroom :)
Drew's still figuring it out, but I think they're cute, and makes bath time much more fun. It's like the adult version of the rubber ducky! (Ernie's tune here)
 Of course a few more things to add like lovely curtains and a one million dollar chandelier (totally kidding, maybe a ten dollar one), but I'm on my way to crossing off another project on the list! :)