bootylicious gone inspiricious

The other day in our small group study we were discussing the importance of sitting back, soaking in beauty, resting, and then seeing what the spirit inside of us beckons us to do. It's something that we, as Americans in particular, will rarely ever resonate with- that whole element of stopping, and the importance of it.

Truth is, I'm a scared little girl. And I haven't grown much from that first day of kindergarten. But reality is, I hate knowing that, I like to surround myself with things that justify my importance through to-do lists and 'get 'er done' methods. Enter Beyonce. Yes, the same good ol' bootylicious Beyonce.

Crazy that I'm juxtaposing Bible Study with Beyonce. But, I believe you can learn from success and art on all levels. Really, every single level. There's something so brilliantly pure about Beyonce's journey that inspires me. She's a success monster. She has overcome so many things as a performer and musician, but here's the deal- there's snippits that show her humanity, and how truly terrified SHE is. SHE, Beyonce Knowles, the Destiny's Child-Survivor-Bootylicious-Ring on it-BEYONCE! I can't help but be propelled to creativity and breaking the ceiling methods when watching this. She has allowed herself to be drunkened by the reality of who she is, and the beat in her heart that is leading her to something...something great :)

Shout out to Miss Margaret Jacobsen for sharing this on my Facebook news feed :)

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