The easy list

This morning I've been humming the tune, "summa tiiiiiiyyyyme, and the livin' easy":) We're halfway through summer, and I figured I'd share my list with all of you. I made it in late May in preparation for the relaxing days ahead. Here's how it looks so far, as you'll notice I have done the liberty of crossing off the already accomplished items...the whole crossing off thing is exhilarating.

Reunion in Colorado with Drew’s Fam
Enjoy pool days with friends All June, and more to come in July/August/September
Try a few new recipes Woop woop!
Attend a couple of weddings So fun being a guest :)
Living room project Halla chevroon rug!
Master Bathroom project
Drink, lakes worth All the live long day
Host Drew's family for a fun filled week!
Get a part time job to keep my creative juices flowin' :) Yay for working at a fab bridal boutique part time!
Women’s Retreat with my in laws
Host my sweet friend Alyssa and her precious girl, Adelyn, for a few days!
Read a few books :)
Become obsessed with Design Star on HGTV, as usual. 
Ditto Ditto with Project Runway, ditto ditto. 
Do a Wedding in SD (Slow season for AZ)
Celebrate our third Wedding anniversary, woofta! June 27
Laguna Trip with my mama June 3-5th
Make a Coy pond in my backyard...huge undertaking. 
See the new Harry Potter, and finish marathoning the others…
Plan our 2011 vacayyy
Launch the ‘Teagan Mercer Weddings and Events’ Website


  1. Hey! How do you cross things out? I've tried that a thousand times on my blog but can't figure it out! And, looking forward to helping you cross off a couple things on that list of yours! ;) Gonna be fun! LOVE YOU....

  2. It's a sinch! So, when you're composing a post, highlight the text you want to 'cross out' then simply click the button that has an ABC with a cross out through it. If that doesn't work we'll do it together when you get in on Tuesday (raise the roof). Love youuuuuu!! :)

  3. SOOOO, you will see on my most recent post that I crossed something out! ;) I don't have a ABC button with a line thru it...that would be much easier. I actually have to manually enter html codes to cross things out. UGH! Thanks for the inspiration to get it done! =)

  4. How weird that you don't have an ABC you click the tab that says 'Compose' in your blogger? or are you in the HTML? we'll chat tomorrow about it :) XOXO!!