Days spent floating

It's been a few days, and I've enjoyed every last second of them! Drew's whole family came in this week for a little vaca time in the desert! His oldest sister, Denette and her hubby, and their 4 kiddos + his middle sister, Lyndsey and her hubby and their 1 baby still cooking + his parents!! :) Surprisingly, they love the heat! We spent the days floating, swimming, sunning, eating, and sliding of course. And each evening Drew would meet us for dinners after work! It was a blast!
Cade and Ryland!
One of the nights Lyndsey and Jason cut into their gender cake to reveal the sex of their itty bitty baby! It's a GIRL! 
Here's Denette's little family :)
Pops and Colton
And our American Idol winner from this year's competition!
All in all, a fun filled few days! Now, back to the blogging!

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