Aruba, Jamaica, Ooo I wanna take ya

Destination weddings are more and more popular, and it's easy to see why. It's an intimate getaway and celebration with the select few that you love and adore. In addition, it serves as a great treat for all of them and YOU. Since the guests spend a lot of money and time getting to your wedding destination, here are a few ways to treat your destination wedding guests with the utmost respect.
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1. Provide VIP transportation. You can do this by making sure a limo driver picks them up at baggage claim. Have the driver give the guest a hand written note from the bride and groom. In addition, make sure that the guests' favorite snacks are waiting for them inside of the limo. Now, for a budgeted destination you can do this by renting a van and designating one of the groomsmen/cousins/brothers as the driver. Give them a hat, a fancy suit...and you can still provide the note and snacks :)

2. Give them VIP Totes. Upon checking into the hotel/villa/bungalow they will receive an adorable tote fit with hotel snacks, an itinerary for the week, directions, and perhaps a personalized gift. I'd personally suggest a tote that lists the location so that they can take it back home as a fashionable and memorable favor.

3. Arrange an Arrival Cocktail party. Get the party started and invite them to a welcome cocktail hour with simple hors d'oeuvres and perhaps a signature drink! If you're on a budget, invite them to the pool, or even somebody's suite for a dessert that fits the location.

4. Prepare a toast at the Reception. Make sure to identify the traveling guests and the fact that they spent a lot of time and money in order to be able to celebrate your love.

5. Have fun at a day after brunch. Bring games or arrange for entertainment so that you can spend your last moments of your wedding laughing and making memories!

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