Fun Recipes

I'm still stretching myself into the domestic goddess I so covet to be. In doing so, I have a fun menu prepared for this week- here are some of my favorites :)

Caprese Salad I was inspired by BJ's small bites salad with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, red onion, and balsamic. So incredibly refreshing.
Bacon wrapped dates with honey & rosemary I know, sounds crazy- but honestly, so darn good! Inspired by Martha.
Hansen Soda: okay, I totally get this doesn't count as a meal...or domestic creation for that matter. BUT they're so good...and Drew's lovin' 'em.
To close, I figured I'd shed a little light on my new and most favorite purchase! Courtesy of Etsy, I present you with the most fab coupon organizer! The best part is that it fits on the back of my shopping cart!
Happy Wednesday!

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