5 times last week

As of late I have been feeling as though certain parts of my brain have a black hole of random short term memory loss...and it only manifests itself in this one area. Last week I left the house and FIVE times within the week I had to turn around to make sure I put the garage door down. It's the oddest sensation, each time I get to the point of the garage being out of vision I immediately start second guessing my remote click...and after 10 minutes of my imagination entertaining the wildest ideas of robbers and animal haters breaking in taking Nordy, and all of our other valuables...I finally turn back around- recheck the garage and each time- it was shut. I now turn my ring around each time I shut it...I'm all about better safe than sorry. Cheers to another week of rechecking the garage.

And while we're on the topic. I'm planning on making something cute like this for our garage door button!


  1. Adorable! I'm so paranoid about this very thing that I sit in my driveway waiting until I see it close all the way, and stay closed for a few seconds before I pull away. I figure, better reassured than allow my anxiety brain to take off! ;)

  2. I like your style! I'll definitely have to adopt the wait into my routine! Anxiety brain is no bueno! XO Shaunna! :)

  3. This is so funny.. I do the same thing .. I always have a talk with myself, "I'm sure I shut it... But what if you didn't .. Oh just turn around and make sure.. Oh.. Should I turn around.. Yes.. If you don't you will be thinking about it all day.. No, I did.. Did I ???? " so, I turn around.. It's been shut every time!!!