Wish Upon a Lantern

Tangled is such a great movie. End of story.
Well, that's actually not the end of the story, but it made a very impacting first sentence, right?

What I love most about Tangled are these little paper lanterns, that are actually able to be done in 'real life.' Kudos to Disney for inspiring us, and more importantly, inspiring us to do something that can actually be done...
Let's do these at a wedding! Who's with me? What's great about wish lanterns vs. fireworks is that guests get to actually participate! They can be done at the bride and groom's exit for a spectacular send off! While I remain an enormous fan of fireworks and sparklers at a wedding, I have begun to drool over these lanterns and their immense impact. Wish lanterns can stay lit for 12 minutes, and apparently have a distance of about a mile into the sky! While this expression is new to me, the release of these lanterns is a long tradition to Asian culture symbolizing their release of worries and problems, what a great meaning. Take a look at these done in 'real life'...and for the record, I have no idea what these people are saying.


  1. Oh Teagan I love this! If I were even close to getting married I would have you do it for me :)
    Hope you are well!

  2. Sarah you're too cute! Let's do it just because :) Forget the married thing ;) Hope all is well with you sweet girl :)