Nordy's Therapy

Fourth of July was yesterday! What a great day it was here in AZ too, perfect breeze and cool enough to enjoy. We decided we'd have a small ice cream sundae bar this year with some friends and sit out on the driveway and watch the fireworks, similar to last year. But, this year was even better, perhaps because we moved lawn furniture out on the driveway to make it more comfortable. The fireworks were bigger and louder too, and I just love me a big 'BOOM' firework, one of those that seems to take up your entire span of vision and shake your whole body. Nordy on the other hand, does not. Poor thing, she can't quite understand why once a year (I guess 7 in her case) the worst most petrifying sounds happen at her little home...we're just yards away from a HUGE firework show. The moment she heard her first firework she sprinted inside shaking like crazy. I figured I'd leave her be. After the show, I came in to find that she had pooped, neglected two fresh treats (never happens) and hid behind the dryer in our laundry room. She was so vulnerable, poor little thing. All to say, last night she was especially cuddly and scared, and this morning, more attached than ever. Next year, we'll make sure she's not so close to the fireworks...I'm investing in dog therapy.

Here's a picture of her surprisingly cuddling with her arch nemesis bear stuffed animal this morning.
Hope your day after recuperation isn't as traumatizing as Nordy's :)

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