Summa Recipayyys

Here's what I've been nom noming on so far this summer.

MORNING DRINK: Every morning I make an iced chai tea latte...courtesy of chamba chai at Costco.
DINNER: Healthy Chipotle Rice. Uhmazing. I cook the brown rice in 3 parts water and 1 part lime juice fit with a dash of garlic salt. When it's about 20 minutes from finishing I add in a half of a chopped cilantro bundle, a handful of chopped onion and usually a smidge of fresh garlic.

DESSERT: I had some darling friends over the other night and totally spaced on what to make for dessert. So, I went to the cupboard to look for something both summer appropriate, and cautiously healthy. I found oatmeal, and I had just gotten a huge thing of peaches and mangoes. So here's what I whipped up:

Mix 4 packets of oatmeal with a touch of butter
Pat in the bottom of a bread pan
Fill pan with cut peaches and mangoes
Douse fruit with honey and a tablespoon of cinnamon
Make another oatmeal and butter mixture (4 packets)
Add to the top of the pan with sprinkled brown sugar
Bake for 15 at 350 degrees
Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, or vanilla yogurt 

Honestly, this was amazing if I do say so myself! Also, I neglected to take a pictures, so let your imagination do the visualizing :)

SWEET CRAVING: Chocolate milk., and yep, I have morphed into a second grader again. SO refreshing during summer time. 

Happy Eating!!

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