Dear Kim Kardashian,

I feel that because I 'keep up' with you and the rest of your talking-over-each-other-all-the-time clan, I should merit the position of being your wedding planner. It's an easy decision really, I promise. Here's what we'd do :)

Due to the fact that you're uber glam, I vote for just that. So, black and white it is. Besides, Khloe did purple already.

Also, I suggest doing this in early December, which means we'll want a pre-ceremony cocoa, kahlua, and coffee bar, also- imported teas, and personalized blankets for ladies.

Obviously there will have to be a photo AND video booth. Your family has too much to say to not opt for this.

Chanel perfume and cologne favors for the ladies and gentlemen...We'll have it set up with a fully mirrored vanity for women and a salon for men, fit with vintage perfume & cologne bottles. And I vote, that at the men's salon we put a little barber with all natural shavers and what not.
For cocktail hour I suggest a zillion different action stations to include; sushi, sliders, mai thai, mac n' cheese, scallop martini, bruschetta, and so on. In addition, of course we'll have passed hors d'oeuvre and signature beverages that match your wedding aesthetic. Of course, a bar too- and most definitely an italian soda and malt bar :) (Just for my own helping).
And now for dinner? We'll have a 10 course plated dinner with white glove service.
Inside of the reception we'll use all white with subtle accents of black and white stripes. As you know, I'm in love with stripes right now. Let's start with the lampshades here for lounge areas around the room. And a custom made black and white striped dance floor is a must.
I think that'll do for now. Anyway, shoot me an email and we'll get going on this.


Teagan :)

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