18 years.

A lot can happen in 18 years. Really, 18 years ago I was 6 years old, probably back to school shopping for 1st grade and stressing about when the ice cream truck driver will come by...I had to have my ninja turtle popsicle with bubblegum eyes. Big deal. My stresses have grown in ginormous amounts since then, it's like I really wasn't even tasting the real world at that age, and now- the real world haunts...I'm sure in 18 years I'll look back at myself now and say again, with rolling eyes, 'Big deal.'

Last week I watched the gut wrenching story of Miss Jaycee Dugard on abc, if that name isn't familiar you can read the snippit here. She was kidnapped for 18 years and the details of her story are absolutely horrifying but her hope and perspective on life is beyond inspiring, it's lively and miraculous. This woman, and mother of two, told her story to Diane Sawyer, and the audience of ABC in such an eloquent fashion, it was hard to believe she only has a 5th grade education. You can watch the two hour video HERE, and make sure there's a box of tissues near you.

So, today...I'm grateful for my 18 years of memories and sunshine, and pray I can constantly have that girl's precious perspective on life, even if the ice cream truck misses my house every now and again.

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