Battle/Road Trip

Today, we're leaving for a road trip to Colorado for a few days!! I'm very excited for the destination, but as negative as this sounds, I hate road trips. I'm not one of those friendly people to hang out with, sing songs, and jab about life with on the road or air- really, in any form of movement. I'm a motion sickness freak. It's awful, even the most recent plane ride I was on I whipped out the lunch bag looking thing in mid conversation with the person next to me. I know, right? awful. Even on our honeymoon, both in the plane and on the road...I'll never do Hana again if I can help it, unless it's walkable of course.

When I was little, from the age of three, and then by myself from the age of five, I'd fly back and forth from San Diego and Dallas about 10 plane rides a year visiting my Dad and family there. I was a pitiful looking thing. I had a huuuge stuffed animal named Dee Ohh Gee (DOG) that suffered through it with me, and the flight attendants would always invite me up to the pilot's cab to make me feel better. I was shy, and that didn't help...especially me getting sick in front of them. Oddly enough, the only remedy for me are night time flights and drives...weird right?

Not only am I not a fun conversationalist in movement, I look like a madwoman. I prepare for road trips or flight as though I'm going into battle. I've got my cooler of sprite and ice chips, as well as salty foods like pretzels and potato chips. I've got the wrist bands hitting each pressure point, and both types of dramamine.

Here's a visual Drew once captured of me...very flattering.

So, now that I've got that out of my system here's what I'm bringing for the destination:

A great book :)
iPhone and Charger
My new favorite shoes from Target on clearance for 7 buckaroos, they really make me happy!
Plenty of jeans for the 70 degree weather, huge change from the present 115
Games! Catch Phrase, Life, Clue, Taboo
NOT Nordy :( I'll miss my hairy little animal
A famished appetite, because the majority of the trip will consist of eating- rightfully so!

Wish me luck!

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