Laguna Beach Enlightenment

Every year my mom and I plan a vacay together. This year: Laguna Beach. We spent our days dining, exploring, laughing, laying, spa-ing, watching, walking, eavesdropping, and snoozing. Here are some things I learned while staying in Laguna Beach with my mom:

*The sound of waves really do soothe the soul
*I’m obsessed with eavesdropping, and I think I’ve broken into the creeper arena
*I don’t know how I lived my life without ever having a true scalp massage…uhmazing
*Surfers wait an awful long time for a wave...must be worth it
*Living life in valet is the way to go...I think I'll move forward and hire one for my own driveway
*I should sit in a steam room every single day
*I could fall asleep to Liam Neeson reading me bedtime stories
*Sand is overrated, but jumping on seaweed is a hugely underrated time
*Breakfast will always be my favorite meal, but living on appetizers and desserts isn't too shabby

So, this is the view from our room. I know, right?? :)

The Beach House :)

Such a great trip :) But I must say, I'm happy to be home with the hub and animal :)


  1. Cannot wait to have my time with my girl! Keep good notes for me! Love the pics. xo

  2. Aww, Linda!! You're time with little Gracie will be the best :) I can't wait to hear stories...and in fact...we'll have to do a double girls weekend one of these years :) XOXO!!