How to Write the Perfect Thank You: Inspired by Martha Stewart & Noah

The ‘thank you’ is truly the last touch you have to close your wedding, and often the last time you’ll communicate with distant family and friends for quite a bit a while, of course- until next Christmas that is. With that being said, you can sense that Thank you cards are is a huge priority and something you shouldn’t take lightly. But, let’s face it…writing hundreds of cards is certainly not fun…between the hand cramps and constantly feeling repetitive you’re due for boredom. Here are some of my tips and a few from Martha Stewart to make sure your thoughts are organized and communicated in a loving way, and in turn- will help make the whole ‘thank you’ card duty, much easier ☺

*Catalog the gifts in the same address book you kept for the invitations, that way the addresses are near to the gift and clear. You can catalog your addresses on a simple excel spreadsheet, or on flash cards kept in a cute recipe box. I have found that the alphabetized flash cards work easier for me, because to be frank- I’m quite old school when it comes to technology and I fear cells getting mixed up, or wrongly addressing a card. Flashcards: on the front write the first and last names, as well as the address, on the back write the gifts.

*Keep your ‘thank yous’ to 4 or 5 sentences –Martha Inspired

*Address to the same titles you did in the invitations, keep it consistent. Remember, it’s the last touch of your wedding. Example: Mr. & Mrs. Mercer or Drew and Teagan Mercer, etc.

*Speak to the gift- say why you appreciate it, why it has a personal meaning to you, and how you plan to use it. If the giver came to the wedding, especially from a distance, also include a sentence thanking them for their sacrifice of finances and time to attend. –Martha Inspired

*What to do with cash gifts? Don’t mention the dollar amount, but it’s an adorable touch to say how you plan to spend the money –Martha Inspired

And to end with a precious piece of stationary, because every thank you deserves to be on some kind of adorable stationary, check out this card…I can't get over how adorable it is. I saw this on Jasmine Star’s Blog, but it can be purchased on Etsy. I’m obsessed.

Anyway, Thank you ☺

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