I've got the cul de sac fooled

I was experimenting in the kitchen the other day and burnt a gazillion pine nuts. Well, not a gazillion- but let's say trillion for now. Drew has a robotic routine when this happens in our house, probably because it happens quite frequently; first he opens the doors, then the windows, and finally he gets out a couple rags and starts flailing them in the air. It's the usual for this season of life. Hey! I'm learning over here. Well, the day after the pine nut explosion, Drew was outside with some of the neighbors and one of them asked him if we had a cooking accident, Drew nodded and smiled. The fine neighbor kept the conversation going and goes on and on about how it must have been yummy because the entire cul de sac smelt like an overflow of vanilla...

Come to find out, my brand new vanilla cupcake candle in our front room masked the smell wonderfully :) Phew. Thank you vanilla cupcake, really, thank you from serious neighbor scrutiny. Because let's face it, neighbors always appear to be great cookers/bakers. Maybe this perception is a result of watching too much TV with the bundt cakes and all, but I remain convinced that they got it all figured out.

Back to the candle in the front room. I’m ridiculously anal about my candle choices. Let’s just say, I have a special rack that I keep my candles on and it’s fit with all of my needed supplies: wick trimmers, matches, lids, etc. There are three brands that I am smitten by in particular: Yankee (of course), Voluspa, and For Every Body. Every single day, when I wake up, I light a candle or two. I just love the way the aroma brings a sense of peace and happiness- of course, pending the candle. Here are the candles I have around the house...

My front room; an inviting candle
 My kitchen; a yummy candle
My living room; a vibrant candle

My guest bathroom; a decorative candle

My laundry room; a clean candle

My bathroom; a peaceful candle
Wedding note: Do not put scented candles in any area that will have food= the reception or cocktail hour. Should you opt for a scented flame solely use them during the ceremony, otherwise be sure to get unscented so that your guests can still enjoy the fragrance and flavor of the food that you're hosting.

Happy Tuesday!! :)


  1. Love the blog!! As a rookie blogger, I've done a lot of research about blog "voice" and yours certainly has it. :)

    I had to comment about the burnt pine nuts--I've done that so many times!! It's hard to get it just right. Ever done it with caramel? Don't even get me started with burning caramel... :)

  2. Laura!! You're too sweet. I must say, I'm thrilled to hear I'm not the only one doomed for burnt pine nuts. And as far as the caramel is concerned...no, but that sounds both delicious and frightening. XO!