Guestbook Genius'

Drew and I did the classic matted frame for our wedding...nothin' crazy. It's now hanging over the bed in our beach guest room. I can't tell you how many times we've caught each other in the room re-reading the names and notes. Sometimes we'll both just sit there indian style/criss cross applesauce (whichever way you say it) on the bed together reminiscing. It's obvious; I'm a huge fan of wedding guest books. And specifically, unique wedding guest books. We've seen the matted frames, the normal guest book, the typewriter and photo booth, but here are a few that are newer :)

The bride and groom asked their guests to circle words in the dictionary that would remind them of their wedding day!
Image courtesy of Southern Living

This bride and groom asked their guests to find their birthday and sign their name, and a note. How practical is that? Love.
Found on Pinterest via The Bright Life

Stamp Cuteness :)
Courtesy of Etsy

Courtesy of Pearls Event Blog

Brooklyn Bride used this idea for seating cards, but I'm thinking it'd be a mighty fine guest book option. Have your guests take a card, sign the back with a note, and address the front, then alphabetize according to first or last name pending your wish. That way the bride and groom can have a complete address system.
Found on Brooklyn Bride

Guest book on Sheet Music and a vintage music stand. Nod to the career of the groom. How fit!
Found on Martha Stewart, the one and only :)

And actually, my current fave since I love all things home decor would be this one. The guests all sign and note on a bench that will be in the newlywed's abode :) Certainly a conversational piece for hosting.
Image and idea Courtesy of Wedding Bee

There are plenty more ideas where that came from. And it's most fun to figure out what's different about you, as the couple, and then move forward on how you prefer to document your guests notes and advice :)

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Love these! We did the fingerprint wedding tree, but I love those fingerprint characters, how cute! We love being able to have a 'guest book' that we can hang on our walls.

  2. How cute!! I love that you did a fingerprint tree, love it! I'm with ya on having something you can hang for all to see :) All of your photos from your wedding are stunning Jana :)

  3. Thanks Teagan! Hope you're doing well! Are you still at Encanterra or are you doing your own thing now?

  4. I'm on my own now :) and loving it :) Did you launch your graphic design business?!

  5. Wow, that is great! Congrats!! I'm looking at other options in the industry other than invitations. Still working out details, but I have some ideas. Its just a bit overwhelming! :)

  6. That's exciting you have some great ideas, honestly your work is amazing :) It's always scary to start something...but I'm a believer of just going with your gut. We should totally coffee it up sometime :) Have a great day Jana!!

  7. Thank you! Lets definitely meet up sometime! :)