I love my little Sammy Page...la la la

I don't have a memory that she's not in. Well, all clown memories she's absent, but you get my point. She knows me, gets me, and loves me anyways...and always has. My little sister, by two very wise months, Sam is 24 today, and I couldn't help but write a blog post about how much this chica means to me. We met when we were three, when our parents collided families and we've been best friends ever since. At the family collision I also met my awesome Zumba Star sister, Stacie as well! So grateful :)

Sam is the best friend I call when something awful or great happens to me. When the owl attacked me, I was on the phone with her while sprinting home. When I got a terrible case of lice from working with kiddos, she drove up to orange county and cleaned out the bugs (gross I know). She has always been there :)

This picture was taken a few months after we met...yep, we were already best pals...and clearly enjoyed life similarly together!
We're different. For starters, she liked bears, and I liked the teenage mutant ninja turtles. We're still different today, she likes nursing and all things bloody, and I like weddings, and all things, well...not bloody.
We did everything together. And I mean everything. After this picture, we were convinced there was a witch living in the house next door to our Uncle's barn...turns out, after intense exploration and squealing, she wasn't a witch, just a very, very old lady that spit in a tin pot across the room.
We sat in the field and picked flowers together...I mean, played soccer.
We craved Mexican together. In the middle of a foreign country.
We made friends together. Chef Ramsey sat next to us on our plane ride home from London to LA. Very nice guy, surprisingly given his cursing screaming scariness on Hell's kitchen. He wanted pictures with us after the flight! Oh, and let's pretend I'm not holding a pig stuffed animal here.
And she stands by me on all of my important days :) Like this one...

I love you Bails, and I cannot even begin to express how incredibly grateful I am that you were born.  

Happy June 22nd Everyone!!

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