Flowers Galore

Flowers are a perfect necessity. It does seem however that when a bride is choosing the decor for her wedding, flowers are the first to skimp on due to a lack of need, or the simplicity of choosing other permanent decor (basically, anything that won't die). Personally, I love flowers...and any ceremony and reception fit with flowers exudes such a fresh feeling. Let's take a look at how flowers can really make you feel:

I mean seriously? Wow. Courtesy of Karen Tran
Courtesy of JL Designs
 Courtesy of Caplan Miller
Found on Meditations of Life and Style
 Midsummer Night's Dream by David Tutera, the one and only
I really, couldn't resist. "you can call me flower if you want to" I know, I'm a cheeseball.

Now, let's stop skimping, people.

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