Fixin' up this summer

I made a few living room adjustments this week :)
1.) Chevron Rug: I've been chevron print obsessed as of late, so I added the new fad to my living room. Overstock rocks my socks. My inspiration started from this adorable nursery (Found on Pinterest):
and then I put it here :)
2.) Photo Wall: I've fallen in love with photo walls and decided to re purpose a bunch of old frames around the abode to make one. Here was my inspiration (found on Pinterest):
and so I made this (Please forgive the glare):
3.) Bought a photo, of us! Sounds normal right? Well, we bought a photo of us in Homegoods, and we didn't even have to change out the picture. Convenient :)
4.) Pillow add on: And lastly, I'm always a fan of adding to my 'softscaping landscape' so, I got a new ultra soft pillow. Little did I know, that it was a treat for Nordy. This is her pillow. I think she's cute.
Now, onto my next project!


  1. All of these are so cute!! Love Nordy on the pillow...I totally get it. :)