Our Marriage is Three Years Old

I really didn't think he'd keep me around after the first date. He took me to Disneyland for a day of fun and rides, and my nerdyness consumed me on all levels. I'm a pro at this whole disneyland thing, so I of course had all of the rides mapped out that we were going to do and the fastest way to arrange our fast passes, and yes, they were all in order. If that wasn't annoying enough...I unknowingly, ate all of the chicken fingers off of his plate. And for the record, I still eat off of his plate :) To my dismay, tons and tons of dates later he asked me to be his wife, I'm still grateful every day...and just in awe that it's been three whole years.

And thanks again to Curtis Nemetz who made the video...it's the gift that keeps on givin'. Here's a small intro trailer of our day 3 years ago:)

Drew and Teagan Wedding Intro from curtis nemetz on Vimeo.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Babe :)


  1. Awwe. Happy Anniversary Teagan and Drew!

  2. I just saw your guest post over on Ryan's page & just wanted to say hi! Happy Anniversary! Your pictures are amazing!

  3. Thanks Michelle!! And thanks for stopping by Katie :)