Cleaning makes me sick...literally.

(duh-mes-tik: 1. Of or pertaining to the home, the household, household affairs, or the family; domestic pleasures 2. Devoted to home life or household affairs)

In my quest to become domestic, I found myself alone in our teeny tiny enclosed shower with a sponge in one hand and a bucket of bleach in the other. Fast forward 12 hours, I found myself sitting in the doctor’s office with my feet dangling and an enclosed throat. I assumed I got one of my notorious biannual sinus infections; the doctor figured otherwise. “What did you do yesterday?” she said, of course without eye contact ‘cause let’s face it, doctors are always writing something…and I’ll forever be curious about their notes. Anyway, I answered ‘breakfast, coffee appointment, cleaned, cooked...’ She cut me off, ‘you cleaned huh?’ (more note taking) ‘With what?’ I went on and on about my process as though she would be interested. She concluded that I most likely had a reaction to bleach and that that’s why my throat had swelled up.

Brilliant. Who would have thought that such a potent magic could be used against me? Well, I didn’t. This spurned on great conversations with friends and family about the benefit of all natural cleaning products.

So cheers to non toxic cleaning systems and investing in ingredients like the following:
Baking soda
White distilled vinegar
Tea tree oil
And my new favorite product is the all natural apple cleaner available at Sprouts :)

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  1. Suffering from the EXACT same thing at this moment. Cleaned the shower with bleach and now feel like I have the flu. Sore throat, headache, and slight fever. ugh. I have always gotten ill, it seems, when doing a serious house cleaning. I was never sure if it was the dust or the cleaning products. That said, I usually use all natural stuff for cleaning, but use bleach to get at the grout grimies...Need to rethink that. Apple cider vinegar is fantastic, love my lavender scented soaps and scrubbies. Bleach and I are done.