Moley, Moley, Moley

I’ve always been a moley little critter. In fact, I think it comes with my Italian heritage, which also gives me my flare for flavor, and ridiculously hairy arms. My dad is the one that gave me the moles, and for the record- the hairy arms as well. My mom is the fair freckles in me. Today I got all 50 trillion of my moles checked (definitely an invading experience), with the result of needing one removed. I'm happy about it, it makes me feel productive :)

When I was in the 10th grade my mom (the freckly one) found a mole on her leg that had been changing colors. She went to the doctor for a check up, and through removal they found she had melanoma. You know in the movies when they play the soundtrack of the heartbeat? And it seems like everything slows down with exception of your strange sense of life? That was me when she told me the news. My dear friend in middle school had a father that passed away from the very same aggressive cancer just two years prior, and I was petrified. Thankfully my mom made it through after having a greater portion of her skin removed. So, thankful. All this to say, get your moles checked :) It's important...and you just never know!

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