Camo Pants, J-Aniston, & Wedding Style Advice

Caution: A lot of rambling is about to happen.

I used to believe that trends never went out of style. Really. I always thought that what you love is what you’ll forever love. At least, I felt that way toward a particular pair of camo capris. Clearly, that’s no longer in style, and certainly questionable if it ever really was. Now, I am aware that trends do go out of style- hence the name ‘trend.’ Since things go out of style, it gives us a clear picture for dating…not boy and girl of course, but dating like archeologists and fossils. Trends give us an immediate sense of the era.

Take for instance fashion, or even hair. You can always pin the 20’s from the 40’s and certainly the 80’s from the 90’s.

Someone who made it through as a fashion icon, but still absolutely classic is Miss Jennifer Aniston. Take a look at her hair-do’s…yes, you can somewhat place her in terms of time, but there’s never a time of ‘ewwww,’ all are stunning- she’s a chemist, and knows how to properly combine timeless with trend.

Images Courtesy of Elle
So, I've learned from Miss Aniston. Here are 3 friendly how to’s on avoiding your future children saying, “ohhhhh mom/dad, what were you thinking” while still making sure that your wedding is a current expression of your sense of style:

*Keep your framework classic. Examples of framework: The venue, the photographer’s aesthetic, the dresses/tuxes, etc. Since you have a classic frame it will seem comfortable and somewhat timeless. This will bring us to point number two in the importance of making the trendy things and current loves the jewelry to your outfit, or the accent to you wedding.

*Use current items as accents. Example: Everything ‘vintage’ inspired is incredibly in right now (adorably so). Things like luggage, bird cages, mason jars, anything that is a rustic feature has become a focal. Make sure to be a minimalist when using these items...what I mean by this is use them on a tinier scale- take for instance, seating arrangements, food and beverage, cocktail hour activity, centerpieces, bridesmaid & groomsmen jewelry, etc. Another example would be bold color blocking, I’m super into this hype as of the moment, but make sure that the colors aren’t too overbearing, and therefore trendy and dating. – try to color block on a smaller scale. Say with bowties and cufflinks, or adding color by passing a signature beverage, or using the napkins as a piece of the pop.

*Most importantly. Find your style. Find the things that your guests will say, oh my goodness this is so –enter your name here-. Don’t copy cat others…because your guests will never feel like they’re at your wedding…you want them to taste your love and hospitality, not so & so’s. Here’s a fun color translation that I found to be a cute assist with indecisive color choices.

For the record, my favorite is bluebell...probably just because I like the name of it.

I hope that helps ☺

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