Eye Liner Pains

So, in my own honest opinion, I would say that eye liner pencils are the worst, smudgy annoyance to any morning of make up. To combat this pain, I stumbled across Laura Mercier's Eye Liner paint...my fave.
Basically, it's a paint palette. You get a matching eye liner brush, get it wet, and put on your eye liner paint palette. After your brush is wet and colored, paint your under eye.

A trick for your upper eyelid, paint the liner through your lashes, instead of ontop. This makes your eyelashes look full but not overdone. Let's face it, who wants to be the little lady with all of the heavy eyeliner, no bueno.


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  1. Love it! I use MAC's version of this type of eyeliner and am in love. Sooo much better and cleaner than pencil liner.