No More Swedish Fishing..Eating Healthy

Well, two bags of Swedish fish later, Drew and I have officially decided that we're going to start eating healthier. Come this Monday we are going to commit to drinking more water, eating more fruits & veggies, exercising more often and monitoring our sleep schedules (8 hours per night, no more and Lord willing, no less).We won't be fanatical by any means, and I'm positive we'll find our ways back to buying more bags of Swedish fish, but we are excited about the upcoming lfestyle balance. Other than eating right and exercising more, we're going to try something new together, Yoga! I'm sure we'll laugh ourselves crazy at all of the funky stretches, but I do think it will help us de-stress our working lives, and pair us with a great workout! Wish us luck!

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  1. Ok, so I am finally meandering over to your lovely blog! Very cute!!! At Rita's (Italian Ice on the East Coast) they have a flavor called Swedish fish - SO delicious! Good work on the blog...keep it up! I will try to drop in more often! =) Hope you got my voice mail today! Lots of love!!