The Big Transition…dun dun dunnn!

I won't keep you waiting, I got a new job! For those of you that don't know, I have been working as the event coordinator for Trilogy Golf Club since Drew and I moved out here to Arizona. It's a gorgeous venue that offers brilliant picturesque views and excellent service. I'd still recommend it to anyone. It was here at Trilogy that I was offered immense experience from every aspect of an event, and because of that experience I have been propelled into this amazing position at Encanterra.

Encanterra is a jaw dropping venue that continues to awe me each time I walk in. I've never marveled at decor as I have here. I was first exposed when my engaged friend, Chantal, brought me to Encanterra to check out the ballroom and ceremony site...I think I slobbered throughout the entire tour. After we left the facility she informed me that the Event Coordinator/Special Events Manager had, naturally I shot the Food and Beverage manager a quick email, assuming that someone with greater experience and glam would contend and therefore be completely out of my reach. But nope, four interviews later I was offered the position. I can't say enough how incredibly blessed and thrilled I am to begin this new venture!

I move into my new office next week... :)


  1. Wow that place looks amazing!! Congrats girl! You totally deserve it :)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you got the job! You were a pleasant change in the wedding players line-up!