This weekend Drew and I whisked ourselves away to San Diego for the Easter Holiday. It was definitely a very, very- too short, of a trip, but well worth it. The best part was DOG BEACH! We went with Mom & Buff, my sista, Sam and her man, Spence...well, those are just the humans. We also went with Nordy (our pup/Weenie), Lady (my 16 bday pup/Boxer), Jack (Mom's pup/Bischon), and Heidi (Mom & Buff's pup/Yorkie). Her are some pics of our rockin' time!

It was a blast! We had a feeling Nordy would be pretty timid, and that feeling was right, she barely left our shadow. She did however meet quite a few other weenie, her social-ometer is going up! I'm convinced I could go to dog beach every, single day of my life!

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