25 Before 25

Happy April Everyone! April is my most favorite month. One because of the bomb weather and two because it just so happens to be my birthday month! I will be turning 23 this year and I can't help but think I'm moving my way on up! As a little girl I had several dreams for what this age would look like to me, and I think I have gone beyond my wildest dreams. Although I'm completely satisfied at where I'm at in life, I want to ensure that I push myself do enjoy this life for its fullest, hence my 25 before 25 list. Why 25? Well, Drew and I got married when I was 21 and we're on the 5 year baby plan...SO I want this stuff to happen pre-baby! If it doesn't, no worries, but it's definitely something to look forward to!

1. Become Wedding Professional certified
2. Become a licensed Make-Up Artist
3. Get another puppy (specifically another weenie dog)
4. Go on a cruise with my hubby!
5. Visit my Caitlin Holliday in DC
6. Go to New York &/0r San Francisco with my mom and sisters for a week full of fun
7. Organize my whole house
8. Put in a backyard with a pool
9. Visit Greece & Israel
10. Start a college fund for my babies to come...
11. Do a Bible Study workbook every quarter with my lovely alyssa popkes!
12. Put hardwood floors in our current carpeted areas in our home
13. Go on a mission trip...
14. Start and finish a new journal
15. Read all Francine Rivers books.
16. See Mariah Carey in concert
17. Take dance lessons...preferably ballroom
18. Weekly game nights :)
19. See another play!
20. Keep blogging
21. Start Riding horses again!
22. Make my own stationary...
23. Make my own 'homemade' recipe :/ this sounds like a rough one!
24. Swim with the dolphins
25. Laugh at every opportunity!

What are some things on your list?

Happy April Everyone!

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