Grandma Bailey

For the past few days I’ve been spending a lot of time in the hospital. My little Grandma Bailey (Buffy’s mom) has fallen ill with Pneumonia. She flew out from Minnesota last week to visit her family here in Arizona (Stacie’s family, Drew & I, and of course Eric’s family and newborn great-granddaughter). She quickly became terribly ill, and checked into the hospital last Friday with Pneumonia. Her breathing came back to normal on Sunday, and then this morning my sis, Stace, called me saying that she’s now in the ICU. She and I have been trying to cover shifts at the hospital and keep her company... Well this morning we’re both in here on our laptops and watching Grandma sleep. She is losing blood and needs a blood transfusion. She has appalling bruises all along her poor back and bottom, most likely from the fluids. For the record, I know absolutely nothing about medical terminology, that’s for my other sister Sam to cover…but I do know that it’s not looking too good at this point. Please pray! Pray that the Lord just brings her peace, ultimate peace, the kind of peace that swallows you like a child…you know the peace you feel when you’re driving in the backseat of your parents car, assured that you’ll get home safe and sound? that kind of peace. She’s so cute and such a joy. She has kept an infectious, positive attitude throughout this entire process, and she’s so kind to each nurse that enters her room…I love her.
Here's a pic of us at Sam's Bailey bachelorette party...taken by little mrs. carey bailey.

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