Tuesday’s Tea Time-Contagious Passion!

Today's tea isn't over tea, it's actually over a huge cup of coffee with chocolate caramel cream...yum

I get so much pleasure from being around people that love what they do. It’s infectious. When I’m around people like that I thrive off of their passion and find myself asking questions, prying into the very thing they love. Maybe it’s solely because I love to see the look on their face when they speak of their fervor, or maybe it’s because I like to learn from the biggest fan of the hobby, career, or craft.

Have you ever interacted with someone with such great love for what they do? What was it? Here lately I’ve met so many. One loves aviation (and no, I’m not referring to Jake from the Bachelor), one for apple products, one for cleanliness & tidiness, one for business, one for cooking, one for animals, and so many more…I love it. I hope that I’m not only known for my passion for my career, but also, for people, and life…but I also hope to always enjoy listening to people’s passion, it brings me such joy. 

Here's a funny example of when two people have such great love for different passions, and choose not to listen to one another...she loves fashion, he loves paleontology...yep, good ol Rachel and Ross!

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