I'll Take One Sun Kissed Look, No Damage Please...

There’s something about a sun-kissed look that makes a face fresh and alive. With that being said, there is an immense amount of damage that comes from that so-attractive sun kissed look. So ladies, is there any hope for freshness and life without damage? Yes! Bronzer! I’m sure this isn’t new to you, but the proper choice and application are both very important.

There are two types of bronzer: powder and cream. I’d suggest the powder because it naturally picks up on your pigment and shape.

Application: Choose a big brush. This helps pick up pigment (A fancy word for color).  Don’t spread it all over- that makes your bronzer look fake, not refreshed. Dust your brush off before you begin to apply; lightly tap your brush on the handle a few times. Pucker your lips; start on your forehead, then on your cheeks, and a last stroke on your chin.

Choice: Everyone has a different complexion. I have fair skin (& freckles) so I usually go for a bronzer that offers a touch of honey and a tulip pink color.
   Fair Skin – choose a honey colored bronzer
  ‪Medium Skin – a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer
  Dark – a “true” bronze/ amber, or gold-flecked

This is what I’ve been using, and I love it! You can get it here...Please notice however, some of the ingredients in this particular bronzer are pretty awful for your skin & body. Should you decide to opt for a more healthy bronzer duo, I'd try Arbonne, they're bronzer is fabulous! And here are some blushers to pair your bronzer with! 

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