A Tragedy, and the Gift of Life

Poway is a northern suburb of San Diego, it's where I attended middle school, high school, and where my parents still reside. Well, this week a heartbreaking story grabbed the lives of all Poway residents, not only Poway, but everywhere...Chelsea King went missing last week. She had gone out for a run and disappeared for four days. With the hope of her life thousands of people gathered daily to press forward and find this young girl. Early this week, her body was finally found. 

There are plenty of details that the news reporters and newspapers are focusing on...Things of serious matter like the sex offender involved in her rape and murder, things of heartbreak like her family and their states of severe sorrow and disbelief...it goes on and on. 

I didn't know Chelsea, but I do know that for the past week now, Drew and I have been seriously affected. Not because the storyline is heartbreaking, but because this could have been anyone. This could have been a good friend, family member, or even myself...She lived on the very same street as I did growing up... It's crazy to reflect on this story and picture how quickly life can be taken, how quickly evil can intersect anyone's path...I don't consider myself completely naive but I am incredibly trusting of my environment, I have learned to be different; to be aware. Not only to be aware of my surroundings and the people I encounter, but I have learned to also be aware of the gift of life. It's a gift rarely realized until it's gone...

If you're reading this and you're a friend, or family member, or even a simple acquaintance that has been severely affected by the gravity of this loss...my thoughts and prayers are with you, that you may still know hope. 

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