Movies :)

Drew and I went to the movies the other day with a couple of great friends. We saw the new, something borrowed. Of course, we did what everyone does during a good solid stamp of a chick flick- giggle, sniffle, and 'aww'. Here's one of my favorite scenes from the movie :)

The star of the movie? It goes to our good friend Jim from the office, well I guess his real name is John Krasinski, but he'll always be Jim to me. And for the record, I'm convinced that he and Pam should be married in real life. Opposed to the fake-office life which surely doesn't suffice.


  1. I left a comment, but it didn't go thru. So if you get two...sorry! What I said...

    Welcome back to blog world! Blog looks FANTASTIC! I've never heard of this movie...guess that's what happens with four little ones! I probably won't see it until it makes it to Netflix! Looks good though. Keep up the bloggin!!!


  2. Thanks D!!! And as for the movie, you'll definitely have to see it- it's a cute one :) Xoxo!!!