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ORANGE COUNTY: Last weekend [June 13th] Drew and I drove out to the good ol' OC. Of course we played 'would you rather' the entire way, as we do most all of our road trips :) Post our intense games and arrival to Orange County we were able to grab [& enjoy] some ice cream with friends + Lyndz, and then it was off to Mark & Alyssa's place [Capistrano Beach] to prepare for their baby shower on the 14th. Drew flew out to Boston uber early on the 14th while I gathered some last minute things for the shower. With the help of Alyssa's sister [in law] Andrea, Alyssa's mom [in law] Christy, Alyssa's wonderful friend Allie, and Allie's mom- we were able to accomplish quite the fun at the shower.
SAN DIEGO: Immediately following the shower I drove down to San Diego to spend the evening at m mom and Buffy's house. Of course we rooted for the lakers, and then lights out. Monday morning was as relaxing of a day that I can remember. After the amazing relaxation I met my mom at Claim Jumper for lunch, and then it was off to the downtown Bactes office. Buffy was kind enough to drive home with me and the pooch back to AZ. Thanks to my Pandora App we were able to listen to fresh Motown tunes the entire way back, it was a blast!
VISITOR #1: On Saturday [June 20th] my mom entered into Gilbert territory for a visit, we had a great time at my sister's house for dinner and fun. Sunday morning being Father's day, we celebrated over brunch with mom and Buff, and then back to Stacie's for lunch! So much fun! After a fun lunch, Drew and I drove Mom and Buff to the airport...and then quickly headed home to prepare for our next batch of visitors :)
VISITORS #2,3,4,5,6,7&8: Drew's mom and dad were celebrating their 30th anniversary! He [Drew's dad] surprised her by bringing her out to the gorgeous Scottsdale Camelback Inn. We were able to partake in this fun surprise, and met them for church and dinner on Sunday night. Afterward, we went back to our house for some light conversation. Next arrival that evening: Drew's sister [Denette], bro in law [Brian], 1 neice [Ryland] and 2 nephews [Cade & Colton]- darling little family :). Sheryl [Mama Merce] had no idea that Denette, Brian and the Kids were coming to celebrate the anniversary as well. We spent the next few days having a ton of fun and laughs, and eating some amazing little treats...speaking of which, you must try the gorillas [cookie ice cream sandwiches] at costco, yum. We watched the Bachelorette [of course], spoke about good ol' theology and life, watched Wipeout [laughed our heads off], laid out by the pool, cooked, la la la...can't believe it's already over! What fun!
EMPTY HOUSE: As of yesterday, our house has been empty. It's definitely two fold. We adore our families, we enjoy memory making, and we love all of the laughs. However, it's the perfect transition into our anniversary weekend! Saturday night after work my love is whisking us away to the ritz to celebrate our [dang] excited! :)
Have a great Friday!

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