Purple Arrow Obsession

I am 100% satisfied by purple arrows. It's the same form of satisfaction I get when I cross things off of my to-do list. The satisfaction of achievement. A pathetic smirk comes over my face during times like these. Well what is a purple arrow? It's the arrow that appears on all of my replied emails. To ensure that each email-ee feels valued, I have placed it high on my priority list to reply to every message, important or not. So there ya go, today's obsession.

I would print screen a preview of my inbox here, but, that's obviously not a good decision for privacy reasons for my senders :)


  1. So true! Not ONE of my emails to you went unresponded to. You did a great job communicating. :) Yay for Purple Arrows!

  2. Jinny, you're SOO sweet! Thanks for the little comment and encouragement! :) Hope all is well sweet girl!