my love for all things breakfast...

I think i can actually live on all meals being breakfast. first meal, pancakes...snack, fresh fruit...lunch, eggs&omelets...snack, oatmeal...dinner, sausage/bacon/hashbrowns...dessert, cereal. It may sound mundane being that there are only so many breakfast foods, but my oh my it sure is my favorite.

Every Sunday Drew and I make it our goal to find a new breakfast place and with that, enjoy something scrumptious. Well, this Sunday we felt that we've already exhausted all of our favorite breakfast restaurants, and weren't feeling the drive. So, to the grocery store we went. Since we both work so much, our kitchen pantry and fridge are living a lonely life...Anyway, after our great grocery shopping fun we came home to a fantastic time of cooking! Fast forward 15 minutes, an empty plate that once had pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage sits before me on our coffee table as I finish up the last of my coffee :)

Oh breakfast.

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