First Days

Friday and Saturday I put in two back to back 16 hour days at work. These two days marked a couple of great events and foot trauma, but also, it marked the end of my time at my now 'old' work. With the close of one chapter, and the opening of a next, new job on Tuesday,  I can't help but remain in deep process about the opening of my new chapter...

I told Drew I feel that same first day of school feeling. The first day of school feeling is all about re-establishing yourself after summer...well, on a larger scale I'm resonating with the pressure to re-establish myself. Even in school, I'll never forget when I was thinking about changing what people called me on the first day, dreading the sound of my new teacher painfully trying to spell out my name...I was thinking I'd completely change my name to my initials, TK, well, that didn't happen- but I did think long and hard about re-establishing who I was in school.

This new job and re-establishment is both very exciting and intimidating. It's caused me to reorganize everything in our house, everything in my briefcase and files, and buy a completely new planner...I guess my nervous energy is helping me to create a full fresh slate on the outside...and it's helping my process my new life to come. It's good and bad, like everything. Good: it's causing me to push growth and maturity in my life. Bad: I need to remain aware of who I am and not lose myself in the process! Anyway, I really am excited...and ancy, and just like I did the day before my first days back at school...I have all of my pens, pencils, and paper lined up just perfectly in my briefcase, I wish my backpack was I think I'm all set!

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