Living Beyond Yourself!

I'm SO thrilled to be starting a new Beth Moore study. She's incredible and every single time I read just ONE of her sentences I stop, pause, and take a bath in her words...the way she speaks resonates so tenderly with my heart. She makes the Bible relevant to me. I know, I know- the Bible is absolutely relevant and current to all that read it...absolutely, but she stimulates a greater passion in me to both understand and live it out. Well anyway, I've started a new workbook of her's called "Living Beyond Yourself." It details a life living in the fruits of the spirit. I'm ecstatic. Last year I did a study of her's called, "Jesus the One and Only" and fell in love. This time, I'm even more thrilled to be doing this study because one of my absolute dearest friends, Mrs. Alyssa Popkes will be with me on the very same journey. Doing life apart in separate states has been pretty miserable...but this will be a great avenue to hold one another accountable and continue to deepen our friendship. I'm sure this won't be the last time you read a post covering this study...they'll be plenty more to come :)

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