Insomnia as of late

Drew and I have entertained an incredibly odd sleeping pattern as of late, in fact- as of the past 4 days. 

One night we were in a drunken sleeper, like truly, complete REM cycle la la land and awoke to an enormous BOOM. Drew sat up straight and wove his bat around as though he was on the teacup ride at Disneyland, while I just kept slurring whaaat was thaught (actually meaning 'that'). Adrenaline was pumping but we were in no place to be taking action. Apparently- the huge picture frame above our bed had fallen. We stayed up for another hour laughing and re-enacting each others reactions to the boom. =not much sleep

Another night we woke up around 2am to the sound of what seemed like our house was about to rocketship up into space. Now, that was just a good ol' friendly haboob. Nevertheless we couldn't sleep for hours and we fell asleep to watching the wall mirrors shake. =not much sleep

And lastly, every other night we have been pushing our bedtime boundaries by watching another Friday Night Lights episodes...and then another. We're almost done with Season 3. I'm obsessed. I really, have no idea how in the world I lived without this show, and I give all evangelical credit to my sister in law, Denette.
Happy Labor Day!

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