Okay, I'm Back!

For the past couple of weeks I have been enjoying my loved ones :) The week before last, you already know I was in Colorado. Then, this past week my sweet friend Alyssa and her baby girl (Adelyn) came for a visit as well as Drew's buddy Bryce. And also, we had Mama Merce and Pops over again this past weekend! Lots and lots of visitors- we loved it :) Here is some of the nothingness we indulged in...

*Strolled through the air conditioned mall
*Stayed up late chatting about life
*Captain America
*Baked some disgusting lemon bars...picture lemon bars without tasting the lemon-ew!
*Crazy, Stupid, Love
*Had the Buffalo Chicken Pizza at BJs, yum.
*Complained about the silly, silly heat.
*Drank iced Chais every morning :)

Although everything was SUPER fun, I have absolutely no pictures to show for it, only this amazing truth:

Happy Monday!


  1. Love that! Wish our houses were connected by secret tunnels! haha