Baby Bumbles

My jaw always drops. I can’t help it. Pregnancy experiences and ‘what happens when’ conversations often happen with a bunch of girls in a room with a pregnant woman, it’s a given. But for whatever reason, I cannot get over how insane that whole ‘having a baby’ thing is (FYI, it was completely necessary to put those three words in quotes). Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely curious and want to have little ones of my own someday, but similarly I feel that in this case, ignorance is beyond's painless

I had the jaw dropping joy of hosting a baby shower for a dear friend a few days back, and it was such a delight! It was a tight group of girls from our Bible study, which made it even more fun. We munched, laughed, tasted baby food, pinned the sperm on the egg, decorated onesies, guessed the attribute hopes of the baby, opened presents, and clearly, laughed some more. The baby’s gender will be a surprise, and so Christa has a precious gender neutral bumble bee themed nursery that we played with. 

Here are some shots taken by the fabulous Miss Ryan!

What do you expect? We're in a young married's small group together...let's state the obvious.
 This diaper cake was made by Miss Bethany...uhhmazing!!

 I sure do love these girls :)


  1. You are so sweet! And an excellent fallopian tube artist!

  2. hahaha, thanks Christa :) SO can't wait for the baby :)