Hanson, Giggles & Fabulous Bonding

Katherine Howard and I lived across the hall from each other at Biola. We were close acquaintances at the time until we started talking about our elementary school days. To make a long story long, we found that we shared a very deep bond; Hanson... fireworks popped and we became instant friends. It's as though we were delta nu sisters from legally blonde-it's in our blood.

Yes, I was one of them; one of those girls that secretly pictured their marriage to a boy band fellow. My mom can vouge for the fact that I had a poster of Zac Hanson above me on the bottom bunk of Sam & I's beds. My Dad & Rhonda can probably sing back all of the lyrics from their first album. Yes, pathetic. Well, I faced reality and stopped this affair 13ish years back, until Katherine called; with Hanson tickets!!

We went, we sang, giggled, and deepened our bonding yet again-over Hanson. I loved every minute :) Until I realized that my future children can never learn that I did such a thing...

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