I AM … blessed beyond fantasies & fairy tales. I have a husband that never fails to show me what love looks like, a job that keeps me loving life & people, a dog that keeps a smile on my face, and a house that keeps me cozy.  Yep, blessed.
I WANT … too much. For now? My house to be cleaned in a head bob of an I Dream of Jeanie episode.
I HAVE … too many bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my shower.
I KEEP … a book on my night stand at all times. Right now? How to Win Friends and Influence People.
I WISH I COULD … stop time to travel.
I HATE … when people are bullied; from the professional world to the playground.
I FEAR … a day without coffee
I HEAR … it's a jungle out there, as my mom would say.
I DON’T THINK ... negativity solves anything.
I REGRET … some things; let's be real. One would was petting the Encanterra dog {our work dog} and accidentally let her inside of the country club. How'd it end? Me chasing the dog in front of all of my supervisors...smooth Teag...smooth.
I LOVE … so much my heart can rarely contain it...and cereal- all kinds :)
I CAN … keep up with the big dogs.
I DANCE … without poise or perfection, or sometimes even rhythm, but I sure do dance a lot.
I SING … annoying-ly.
I NEVER … stop.
I RARELY … blow dry my hair; I have a terrible relationship with the blow dryer. 
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … a wedding; it's the daddy/daughter part that gets me. From the first look to the final exchange...every single time. 
I KNOW THAT … I am in the Lord's hands.
I HATE THAT … I'm a crack-a-holic. I must stop cracking my knuckles...ankles, back, wrists, toesies, well-my body.
I NEED … my husband.
I SHOULD … end my bachelor/bachelorette/bachelor pad addiction...not gonna happen. 
I BELIEVE … joy is to be had, always.

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  1. Sis, together we could accomplish your "i should" because I should too!