Grocery Shopping Peeves

Today I went to the grocery store. During this one trip I encountered all of my grocery store pet peeves. Not that the grocery store is a place that I am usually peeved, in fact it's usually the contrary, i love food, i love looking at food, and I even love looking at people-looking at food. With that being said, today I was peeved at a usual favorite place of mine. Usually I run into one or two peeves, but today I was hit with five. For your entertainment and amusement, I figured I'd share these particular peeves with all of you :)
1. When people eat out of the candy bowls in the candy aisle. Now, it's not that they take the scooper and sneakily scoop one candy into their pocket, no...this person today reached in with his HAND {so, ew, and yes, fully grown man} and then shoved it in his mouth. Yucky.
2. Reckless drivers in the store. Don't they understand that you must stay on the right side of the road while pushing? I'm always very, very careful when approaching a corner realizing that there isn't grocery aisle patrol police, therefore no accountability, therefore- crazy drivers. Well today, I was rammed by a driver TEXTING. Of course, I smile, and I apologize, but geeze loeeze people- they need to sign on Oprah's no phone zone in the grocery stores too.
3. When all of the check out counters are closed {all twenty of them} with only one counter open on the entire opposite side of my convenient parking place.
4. Blushing check out boys when they see you've bought feminine products. Enough said.
5. When people don't push their cart back in the cart designated storing area. Drew laughs at me every time I venture to return my cart because I usually adopt a number of other abandoned carts on my journey.

I think I'm going in with a helmet and megaphone next time.

Happy Thursday!

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