Mom & Hitch, I mean Teagan, 2010.

Every year Mom and I go all out to celebrate our birthdays. Our extravaganzas began when I left for college. We were missing that quality mother-daughter time and made sure to live it up on one weekend a year :) Here's a recap of some of our past excursions, Celine Dion in Vegas, Santa Monica, Lakers Game, Orange County Shoppin'...and so on. This year she flew out on Saturday. Drew picked the little lady up and brought her to my work. She was able to see my new love (work) and dine in one of the restaurants on site. After dinner with Drewski and Mom, Mom and I went out to Camelback Inn. Sunday morning we woke up for a nice little work out, a great breakfast with the most yummy blueberry pancakes on earth (no joke), a steam, a massage, poolside time & lunch, a wrap treatment, and then...a facial. Well, it was a glycolic treatment...and here comes the story.

I have only had one other sort-of facial, and it went fine. This one, not so fine. My esthetician started the treatment by painting something on my face. I said, "ohh that's tingly" she said it was supposed to be that way, I didn't argue, but I definitely felt like a wuss because it was totally frying my face. I made another comment about how it felt SUPER tingly as through she was laying matches on my face, she said that if I was having a reaction I would start turning red. Well, I went along enduring the crazy pain. Suddenly I saw her eyes go HUGE and I said calmly, I'm turning red now huh? She freaked. She ran for the emergency aloe cream which started STEAMING, it hurt worse when she did that. So, she resorted to ice. I basically spent the rest of the 45 minutes with ice all over my face. I finally saw a mirror, and this is what I saw...
Marvelous huh? Well, Mom and I went to get our pedicures after that (we were unstoppable), after a manager visit and 2 benedryl; the swelling went down...Mom kept saying that I had welts on my little face, terrible. Well after the swelling went down and I kept ice bathing my face, I broke out into tiny red scab like bumps. We weren't going to let it ruin our evening though, so we had a marvelous night with a room service dinner fit for queens. It hit the spot. We sat on the balcony of our room and bathed in the view of the Scottsdale mountains, yum on all levels. Then I took a couple more benedryls, that makes four for the past few hours, and shabam, I was out. Sorry to be a party pooper mom!

Here's a snapshot of our dessert table :)
Well, the next morning the scab bumps went down, only a little though. Mom and I went back to the Spa for breakfast, and then to find a cure before I started work again the next day. To the pharmacist we go! The pharmacist man however scared the living daylights out of us!! He basically said, in a nutshell, that if I put anything else on my face my bronchioles could close and I'd, well, stop breathing. Thanks! We rebelled, we got some all natural vitamin E oil and drenched my face in it...violaaa. It has been a cure all, with a little foundation of course ;)

Times like these can't help but serve a humongous purpose. One, my mom's support through all of it will last as a growth in our relationship; it was like she was my teenage girlfriend going through a terrible pimple type of problem. Two, gratitude... it's extremely humiliating having anything wrong in the face area; well I'll speak for myself. My Hitch situation has made me realize that people go through life with viscous scars and acne every single beckons gratitude. And lastly, and I think most importantly, people can never take themselves too seriously- it's SO critical to always laugh at the stupid things in life, like hitch oh man! I mean, of course it could have been critical, but all is well...and i've got to laugh!!

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