My Flower Predicament

Flowers are gorgeous (period). They add a brilliance to whatever color scheme, express a lady's dainty feel, and exude a freshness for all guests to enjoy.

I'm the first to admit; I'm not at all skilled when it comes to the floral decor arena in event production. I can choose great looking flowers when looking at a garden of some sort, but when it comes to speaking their names, no can do! The event business however demands that I know and recognize each flower by can foresee my predicament. 

In hopes to brush up on my floral skills I came across this page on the knot. It must have been fate, because it was created for me, well probably not, but for people struggling with this very issue. It not only pictures and names each flower, it allows you to search by color, and study the flower according to season, scent, meaning, history, and of course, cost. It's a fabulous resource and I'd suggest it to everyone.

I now feel confident both naming and identifying flowers, you'll feel that way to after studying this page...

Oh and on a sidenote: Should anyone discover some un-named flower in the future, try opting for less syllables, two is plenty. Thanks

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