Tuesday's Tea Time

Tuesday isn’t my favorite day of the week, but it is the day that I’m able to get organized, make calls, and emails ALL from home and without meetings. Due to that very reason I am able to sit in my Jammies and do my work with a cup of something nice next to me (yes, I love that I’m able to do this and I love my job). I decided to have a Tuesday’s Tea Time on my blog for open thought and conversation with any of you readers out there.

Let’s get one thing straight before I get this series of Tea Times posted weekly on my blog…I don’t always drink my tea, my family can tell you- I’m notorious for starting a cup of tea, but I rarely ever take a sip. I never turn down a cup of tea because of the immediate ambiance it sets in my life. For whatever reason when I snuggle up next to a cup of tea, I slow down. It makes me slower not only my speech, but also my thought…and that is the exact goal of my tea times…to slow down and share my thought(s).

Here's a picture of me in Paris at a little tea shop...

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  1. I'm your first comment! I absolutely LOVE this idea of tea time... and honestly lots of times I just have a cup of coffee for the same reason without even drinking it :) It really is the small things in life. Can't wait to hear your Tuesday thoughts!