This Week's Woohoos and Boos!

1.) Paradise Bakery Fudge Brownies! 
When Drew and I love a certain food, it’s pretty much all we eat. Our family can tell you that we average a good 4/5 Rubios burritos a week. We love it. On Drew’s birthday we were going to go to a fancy steakhouse for dinner, and last minute he opted for Rubios instead…it’s just the way we roll, we’re pretty low maintenance, and we just love our Rubios burritos! Well right next to the Rubios near our house, there is a Paradise Bakery two doors down. We hadn’t ever been to Paradise Bakery before moving out to AZ, but it sure is amazing. They’re owned by the same Panera Bread franchise, at least I think so, but they offer a much wider array of pastries and what not. Well,they have these fudge brownies that are to die for. Needless to say, this week we’ve already had those brownies three times! 

2.) The movie, Valentine’s Day!
Such a cute movie! I had pretty low expectations for it being that SO many stars are in it, I figured it be another ‘He’s just not that into you’ type of slow flick, but it was actually cute! 

3.) Nordy’s New Trick
Nordy used to sleep in bed with us. She’s a snuggler, and we don’t complain! I love waking up next to her. Well, we figured it’d be best for our parenting skills to start kenneling her at night. So, we set her kennel on top of my nightstand now. Getting in the kennel however was quite the process, she used to moan and groan and do anything she could to not enter that kennel. Now, we say ‘Night Night’ and she jumps on the bed and then launches herself into her kennel. It’s too cute. What helped? Treats. This little wienie dog will do anything for food; we had her completely trained to be night kenneled within 2 days! I miss my snuggle bug, but it’s for the best.

I couldn’t be happier to have my new blog up and running. A huge round of applause to Lindsay Pruitt for doing such a great job with the design. She has captured exactly what I want to convey on my blog…if you need a blog, check her out, more information here 

1.) There's only one, The Bachelor. 
Drew and I are dedicated Bachelor watchers. Of course morally it’s pretty putrid, but hey! We’re fans of Jake this season…corny at times, well most times, but at least he's standing firm with a touch of value right? 
Anyway, we’ve loved every episode so far, but ever since Ali left we’ve been pretty heartbroken about it, but still hopeful that Jake will choose Tennley. This week's episode was the 'women tell all' episode. It's where all of the girls from this season basically 'tell all' was hard to see little Ali in the stands, sigh (Ali, for those of you that aren't familiar, is the one in the yellow dress shown above). And I wanted to bop stupid-head Rozlyn on the nose! UGH! All to say, from seeing Ali, to listening to lame-o Rozlyn, the episode went for a big 'Thumbs Down.' I am however anxiously awaiting the final rose ceremony on Monday...eek.

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