Kiss & Makeup

I love doing make-up, and to be real, kissing too ;) My love for make-up began when I was crossing the bridge from little girl to little lady. On one of my mom and I's several shopping shin-digs, we stopped by a make-up counter. They showed me my face charts, colors, and appropriate brushes that would fit me. We bagged up the consultant's suggested products, and were on our way! Since then, I started asking my friends if I could do their make-up for any special event, whether that be dates, dances, or just for fun. It wasn’t too long after that my friends started asking me. I’ve never turned an opportunity down since.

To me, make-up is a form of art, I don’t think that a woman needs make-up to be beautiful but I do believe that if done properly it serves as a brilliant tool to enhance the beauty that’s already there. I’ll be posting some fun facts, tools, and tips that I find beneficial that I’m sure you’d find some value in!  If you ever want your make-up done, or to be taught properly based on your coloring, shoot me an email! I’d love to help out! I can offer the following services:

Formal Fancy
Weddings. Dances. Dates. Etc. Includes: 1 hour Consultation before the Day and Day of Application

Casual Class
Want a fresh look? Nothing too crazy or bold, but something that accentuates your beauty on a daily basis? Includes: Consultation on Coloring and Face Charts, Shopping Make Up Brands and Brushes (You keep the products!), and Technique Consultation on Proper Application

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